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night, and let's take a look at some of the video we've got here on the ipad, this is monroe, michigan, the bomb exploding last night, leaving a man and two children inside the vehicle, in serious condition. now, monroe is about 20 miles outside of toledo, ohio, and you can see the blackened shell of what's left of that car after the explosion that went off on a street that was lined with trees. thankfully, not near any homes or businesses. police say their investigation right now in the very early stages, you can see the federal agents there as part of this right now, the atf is taking the lead on this. and as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. right now, though, they are saying a car bomb, going off in monroe, michigan. as we get more we'll pass it on to you. jon: a man and two children hurt, is that right? >> a man and two children, they are in serious condition. jon: you can imagine, when you see what's left of that car. rick, thanks. jenna: new video is just crossing our international desk in the newsroom. this reportedly the scene in the holmes province in syria this
's prepared to close. mr. doggett: i believe i have an additional speaker. the gentleman from michigan, mr. levin, for such time as he -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kentucky has got the time. mr. davis: mr. speaker, i'll reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from texas. mr. doggett: mr. speaker, i would yield two minutes to the gentleman from washington state, former chair of this subcommittee, mr. mcdermott. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. mcdermott: thank you, mr. speaker. i want to say just a few words. obviously i support the extension of the tanf, but i think that there is really -- we've been extending it one year at a time, one year at a time, one year at a time for sometime. there really is a need to relook at the whole concept of what this -- this safety net really needs to be. we wiped out welfare as we know it as was the phrase in 1996 at a time when the economy in this country was going straight up. anybody could find a job if they looked for one, and it was very clear that there was ef
and it has started. jennifer granholm is a former governor of michigan, now an msnbc contributor, and the author of a brand-new book "a governor's story, a fight for jobs in america's future." and bob strum is an economic strategist. i want you to listen to this. clinton strategist mark penn who worked for the clintons said, "obama's new tone won't work." he writes in "the huffington post, "quote, barack obama is careening down the wrong path towards re-election. he should be claiming the vital center, not abandoning it. he should be holding down taxes rather than raising them. he should be bringing the country together rather than dividing it through class warfare. that's mark penn. he's critiquing the president's new move to divide the country between those who want fair taxes and those who are rich, who don't. your thoughts, bob shrum? >> well, you know, that's marcus saying this kind of stuff all the time. two reactions to it. first, it was a remarkably fact-free and numbers-free piece from a guy who's supposed to be a pollster. he says, for example, that gore lost -- i actua
there. host: grand rapids, michigan. steve, good morning good morning. caller: good morning. i heard your earlier comment about comment about -- i heard your earlier comment about the budget being very small. host: that's what advocates say. in comparison, about $5 billion. it is smaller compared to government's overall budget, as well as corporations. caller: i think you are very naive in the fact that when we want the u.n. to vote our way, we literally drive all these other countries, -- we bribe all these other countries, and we spend millions more than that to get the boat to go our way. when we do get a vote in the u.n., the united states carries the major weight. we use all our supplies, all our troops. you are wrong with the money. host: where did you find this data? where did you find the stated that the u.n. uses money to bribe. the united states, excuse me. caller: there are so many backdoor deals. if you vote our way, we will build you this dam, or we will do this or that. that goes on all the time. host: where have you read that? caller: where have i read that? that's jus
are in illinois another 3000 are in minnesota and iowa and michigan it is not clear how many of those jobs can be performed in one's home but the governor said people can work out of state by helping their local communities working home and spending their ... >>middle-income households saw their pay scales fall 7% that's $49,000 a year a level not seen since 1996 according to the u.s. census data the great recession hit the middle and lower class is disproportionately white upper-class is and the wealthy gained more and come ... >>chicago-area superstitions are serving record numbers and this is a trend that is expected to continue ... there is a new study on food and security ... the greater chicago food depository continues to try to chip away at it hunter in the region but the new study indicates that levels of food insecurity continue to grow with one in five persons not knowing when the next meal will occur. >>the other is more pervasive everywhere and it's not necessarily who you believe it is. it could be a neighbor or family member who does not know where the next meal is coming fro
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. the caption says, i was tailgating at the michigan football game and then it happened. >> shut the front door. >> it gets better every time. >> and the crowd goes wild. >> people are jumping up and screaming, slapping high fives. these are two grannies in their gear, sporting michigan gear, shotgun and beer. clearly they have experience in this area. >> it's in case somebody doesn't know what shot gunning is, you poke a hole in the side of a beer can, crack the top, slam it down as fast as you can with the idea of beating the other person. >> that's good. i never heard of shotgunning a beer before. >> i want to know did she finish that. >> you're saying the one on the right might not have finished before her. this is not a fair race you're saying? >> i give these grannies a ten for form and for just going out there and being on. ♪ ♪ >> jonathanm mann started writig a song a day in 2009. he's written a jingle every single day since then. coming up next week september 28, 2011, it's going to be his 1,000th song. >> sometimes ooimt i'm going to suck. this is the important part. so what? >> h
was tailgating at the michigan football game and then it happened." [ laughter ] >> shut the front door. >> and the crowd goes wild. >> people are jumping up and down, screaming, slapping high fives. these are two grannies in their gears sporting their michigan gear. >> clearly, they have some experience in this area. in case somebody doesn't know, you poke a hole in the side. >> this is not a fair race, you are saying? ♪ >>> jonathan mann started writing a song a day starting in january of 2009. he's written a jingle every day since then. ♪ are you a real person >> coming up next week, it's gonna be his 1,000th song. >> yes. sometimes i'm going to suck but -- and this is the important part -- so what. >> so he has a really great spirit about what he goes through each day to kind of create this stuff. it doesn't matter if you are not great every day. >> there's a 10% that the song will be glorious, be completely awesome. >> tell us about your kick- start campaign, because doing a song a day is not the end of the story. >> i started it by setting aside a month where i could gather al
million americans are jobless. an economic disaster for major swaths of the country. in michigan, frirngs unemployment is at more than 11% right now. joining me now, the former governor of michigan. and co-author of a governor's story. the fight for jobs. you were governor from 2002 to 2010. your state seeing what? 14% unemployment at its worts worst. you've come now. now at 11%, a three-point drop. you write a jobs here. what specific solution for michigan would you say could be translated across the country here? >> we tried everything that the supply siders would want. we cut taxes, we cut government. we were the in the country relative to size. what did work was the ability to team with the businesses, partnering in investment in key priorities. for example, obviously the investment in the intervention by the obama administration in the auto industry was key. they also provided us with the ability to create new sectors. creating a lithium ion batteries. >> we are now one of the leaders in the world. >> but they're flethreatening t pay for the emergency disasters. if you cut that kind
and may settle between michigan, indiana and ohio. that area of low pressure is going to do something similar to what tropical storm lee had done, although not the same system. that came out of the gulf and dumped almost a foot of rain in parts of maryland. this time we have actually tapped into a tropical type feed. that is going to combine with that area of low pressure that is going to lock everything and flow it up from the gulfstream and into the mid-atlantic. we could wind up with a few inches of rainfall, depending on where that low pressure happens to stackups and where it is going to lineup the conveyor belt of moisture. mostly cloudy and developing showers, 74. we can't really shake the moisture. 66 and fog and showers tonight. tomorrow afternoon we could have heavy rain. our best threat of flooding, showers linger in through the weekend. >> reporter: 70 westbound at maryland 97, that accident is clear. 29 southbound at frederick road, that accident is clear as well. the not so good news. let's take a live look at our camera at the beltway. volume in both directions. outer l
developing system. it's just north of lake michigan here. chicago upper level low churning slowly in canada. tremendous amount of moisture coming up out of the south with the system. two localized areas of low pressure that both will provide the focus for rain tonight in to the day tomorrow and certainly in to the day friday. best predictions where this rain is headed, we could see showers around here thursday afternoon, but better chances for heavier steadier rains friday evening and afternoon sp it does look like the heaviest maybe more along the coast, that would mean western maryland and central maryland with showers. heavier steadier rain for the delmarva peninsula. ophelia, tropical storm, turning its way across the central atlantic. when they are this far out we are using satellite data to determine the strength on the storms. we will see what ophelia does in the days and weeks. 67, scattered showers, muggy with fog. tomorrow, 78. still the chance for developing showers, late day scattered storm possible. showers, foggy tomorrow night. we keep the theme going. it's not the best theme
of michigan, his best friend, and those of us devoted to him in the haight ashbury area, who appreciated his steadfast activism and ability to really push buttons. i am sure that arthur will be missed. the next in memoriam is one i gave attention to a couple of days after it happened. the family is not getting the attention necessary. on july 17, a 20-year-old was shot to death outside his hayes valley home. this might have been one of the stories people scanned by in the newspaper if it was not for his family and friends. the seven tepees family organization deals with young offenders. they are stepping forward to make sure he is not forgotten and does not become another statistic on the homicide list. going june 16, 1991, he was one of the seven tepees success stories. he graduated from high school and was preparing to move to college in los angeles this month. he worked at abercrombie and fish as manager -- and fitch as manager. nothing got to him. employees remember him as a happy guy. he leaves behind his young son, three younger siblings, and his loving mother, who i have talked to sin
of minnesota. going to have a slow crawl, drop itself around michigan or midwest ohio, indiana. it is going to park itself there. i want to show you right now, all the moisture and storms filing up from the southeast, this particular pattern developing storms around savannah, georgia and its way up coastal south carolina. all this added moisture pumping into the system. this is going to look like lee did. lee itself came onshore in southeast louisiana. dumped rainfall through the appalachians. this is not the same set up. we are going to take our low pressure and drop it to the south. you can see pumping in all this moisture. southeast winds this part of the world will always prove itself to add moisture off the atlantic. we have rainfall heavy tomorrow afternoon. this area of low pressure as we pump in steady, heavy rainfall. that is the problem here, get that old map out it this. morning fog could be thick, showers midday. quick peak at this forecast. maybe flooding on friday, 74. unfortunately, the threat of showers and storms continue through the bend into early next week. >>> camden tr
is going to get cut off. it may settle somewhere southern great lakes, michigan, indiana, ohio, we are going to have to watch this pattern. this is really important, that area of low pressure is going to tap into the wind we have pulling up. this thing may start looking like what happened with lee, even though that was a tropical system area of low pressure stun stuck there. check out our forecast model with showers that pop up this afternoon and more moisture with the southeast early wind -- with the southeast wind. a chance of late showers and spotty showers and fog overnight. let's see if the fog is affecting anyone's commute. >> you definitely have to be careful out there. if you run into fog, slow down. visibility will be reduced. let's look at our live traffic cameras. the first one on 95 at 175. possible fog in this area but not so bad a little bit south in northern laurel. the fort mchenry tunnel, all the cars coming southbound. all of your lanes open right now. road work is clear so on 70 -- on 70. >>> this morning construction volunteers will sign up to take part in the e
. breaking news in michigan. police say they are investigating an explosion near monroe, michigan, that seriously injured three people. the scene is located about halfway between detroit and toledo. authorities say a car bomb led to that explosion. >>> another deadly day in mexico. police shut down this busy road in the coastal town of boca del rio after they dumped 35 bodies under a highway bridge. police say it's all connected to organized crime. violence has escalated as rival gangs fight for control there. at least 35,000 people have died in drug violence in mexico over the last five years. >>> nasa says a dead satellite in space will probably make a crash landing here on earth tomorrow. the six ton piece of equipment the size of a city bus was put into orbit back in 1991. nasa experts expect the satellite to break into small pieces before falling. scientists say it could land as far north as canada or as far south as south america, but it will probably land in the ocean. the odds of pieces of the satellite hitting anyone are 1 in 3,200. nasa adds that no one has ever been hit
a car exploded and caught fire on a michigan highway. it happened yesterday in monroe. a father was driving his two sons to football practice when the car blew up. they have found evidence of a car bomb. a reward of up to $10,000 is being offered in the case. >>> notice anything out of the ordinary at this soccer game? there are no men in the stands. soccer officials in turkey decided only women and children under the age of 12 will be admitted to matches where fans have been sanctioned for unruly behavior. yesterday, 41,000 women and kids packed the soccer stadium. one female soccer official said they know the team chants and chant them as well as the men do. the women and kids get free admission. that's a different scene. >> yeah. >> it's cool. >> a lot of woman power. still ahead on news 4, new ques >>> there's an update in the case of a trainer at seaworld killed by one of the wheals last year. new questions emerging over whether or not the florida theme park put the trainer in harm's way. we have the latest on the case from orlando. >> reporter: the videos played in court s
the showers and storms across parts of michigan and wisconsin this morning on the warm side. the other part is there's moisture available to be drawn north and there it is in atlanta in morning, eastern alabama, over to the coast there, areas near the georgia south carolina border and all of that lifting off to the north northeast toward us. so at times like we've had the last couple of days get into the waves of moisture. timing is always a little difficult but you'll notice even by this morning some isolated lighter showers. the heavier stuff into western north carolina by noon. this will try to move northeast in the afternoon and evening hours and that's why tonight a better chance for showers and storms. tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. could be damp in spots, midday tomorrow, better chance of showers north and east of town and in the mountain but that may be the case on thursday and look this general flow of southwest to northeast moisture with us, even into friday, and even into the weekend, so we'll be dealing with that. quickly ophelia by the way in the tropics. this has forms and winds o
. but the centers of my story are two small time criminal defense attorneys who work on michigan street. and if you get accused of a crime, those are the people you want to call. >> that's my approach. and they're both former public defenders, right? >> yes, they are. they are both former public defenders here in san francisco. without giving away too much of the story, there may be a return at some point to that particular office where they would, of course, be working for you. >> anytime. [laughing] there seems to be such a huge disconnect, you know, between what you see on tv and even what you read about. most of the tv shows like "law & order" you have a judge who's eminently fair, a prosecutor who is completely ethical, a defense attorney who doesn't show up half the time. these images really result -- i know this as a public defender, because the portrayals of public defenders are usually negative. why? i ask this to the entire panel. why is there such a disconnect between the reality of what really happens in our court and the way that many americans are force fed, really, this mythology? to
exploded in michigan. this happened yesterday near interstate 75. only a shell remains. police confirmed it was a car bomb that caused the blast. all three victims were taken to hospital. the boys remain hospitalized. the atf is investigating and has offered a $10,000 reward to find a person responsible. animal control officers are caring for more than 250 dogs and puppies all found at one woman's home. they had been dealing with the owner who lives in clewiston. neighbors had been complaining seeing the dogs bark all night long. animals are on their way to know kill shelters across south florida. the owner will not be facing any charges because they dogs were in good condition and she is cooperating with animal control. >> comcast is offering discounted internet service and computers to families in need. >> we told you about baggage fees. how about fees for free airline tickets. that is coming up in tonight's consumer alert. >> they think they have found a dinosaur bone at this park in laurel. that is next. >> hd doppler indicating what whether moving toward baltimore. the seven-day for
place chaz bono with 7%. will ron change his name back to ron and no more michigan etta? >> -- metta? >> i hope he just changes that hair back from that horrible dennis rodman era -- >> it is dennis rodmanesque. >> now the one to watch i guess is nancy grace. >> i have to take a better look. how is the weather out there? >> not so bad if you're closer to district but we have some dense fog beginning to get a little thicker out there especially north and west of the d.c. metro. the wind on the east/northeast just about five miles per hour. these are the latest visibilities for you. cumberland petersburg, culpeper down to two miles. gaiters bugg down to gaithersburg down to a half mile of visibility. slow down and take it easy so you can get from point a to point b sasme. satellite and radar yes, the clouds will hang around for the day. not expecting anything to become severe. a better chance for stronger storms will come tomorrow afternoon and into friday afternoon. this is our futurecast, the next 48 hours. grab the umbrellas as you head out the do
. >>> the university of michigan announced today that apple set a new record high for personal computers including tablets on its american customer satisfaction index. apple received an 87 on the 100 point scale. hp came in second followed by dell. >>> the raging waters before it hits and the massive effort to evacuate people. >>> back here we do wednesday forecast, it is another spare the air day tomorrow so you know it's going to be hot. i'll show you which cities will i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. >>> officials officials tonight are trying to figure out what caused an explosion. that rig is still burning tonight. about a dozen workers were on the rig just before the blast but authorities say a warning allowed them time to escape. no one was hurt. but evacuations are still in place for several homes in
the execution of troy davis. why his case is causing worldwide protest. >>> a car bomb in michigan, injures two children. what investigators are say being the powerful explosion. >>> two teenager girls killed in a hit-and-run. finally, an arrest in the case three months later and the chilling 9,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it's 5:30. 74 degrees and cloudy. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. two people face criminal charges for hit-and-run that left two teenagers dead. tonight, wjz obtains police dispatch recordings, revealing the intense search for the suspect. adam may reports for the crimes that left two families devastated. >> reporter: those two young girls were left for dead, here at the intersection of pratt and mlk, back in june. now finally an arrest in the case. >> reporter: they were hit by a car that ran a red light, just blocks from their home. the teenagers died a minute later at shock trauma. >> multiple pedestrian struck at mlk and pratt. >> two teens. >> the vehicle that struck the pedestrians hav
, what i definitely want you to address, i was as a forum in michigan saying you've got to cut taxes to provide jobs. bill clinton raised taxes, and bill clinton was able to produce 23.6 million jobs, and he taxed the rich. george bush gave the rich tax cuts in his eight years, we only got 3 millionmple mathematics. how do you have a difference of 20.1 million jobs and people can't figure out that taxing the rich does not equal to not producing jobs. >> that says it all. that 22, 23 million jobs in a balanced budget, you didn't even add that, and wages went up during the clinton years. during the bush years, two big tax cuts, a giveaway to the drug and insurance companies, not to mention two warring and no real job growth. clearly just looking at a bit of history this trickle-down economic -- it simply doesn't work. we need a fair tax system. we need to invest in the way the president wants to. you're dead right. >> well, senator brown, thank you for your time. >> thank you, al. >> you keep fighting. >> thank you. >> from the suites to the streets, we can make america work. >> thanks
hijos en michigan una explosiones hizo estallar el auto en que viajaban las vÍctimas llevada a un hospital con severas quemaduras, un hombre podrÍa pasar hasta 10 aÑos tras las rejas por amne zara amenazar a un empleado de un restaurante en missouri el sujeto se enojÓ por no ner la salsa que habÍa ordenado. en medio de un desierto en california la policÍa encontrÓ restos humanos, hasta el momento se sabe que los restos estÁn en avanzado descomposiciÓn. >>> policÍa esta tras la pista de una madre que secuestrÓ a sus hijos en nueva york, un dato curioso que todos los niÑos tienen m mismo nombre y apellido del padre, todo indica que despuÉs de estar dos aÑos tras las rejas fueron puestos en libertad dos jÓvenes arrestados en irÁn y acusados de espionajes fueron detenido en la frontera con irak cuando escala ban montaÑas y siempre defendieron su inocencia otra joven puesta bajo custodia pero la dejaron en libertad palo sel pasado aÑo. >>> el en wisconsin el chofer de un vehÍculo escolar se desmayÓ y el vehÍculo iba fuera de control con los estudiantes adentro por s
to michigan. and you're right, this bridge carries nearly 4% of our gross domestic product every year. this is a very important bridge. it needs to be replaced. it needs to be replaced now. >> i read that number last week and i couldn't believe it. it seemed awfully high, but it is amazing. is funding really the only thing that's holding this up? what is in the way? why can't we get this done in this part of the country for this bridge? >> i really wish i had a good answer to that. there are people here who have been working for years to get this bridge replaced, particularly our mayor, senator sherrod brown and our vice mayor have all been actively engaged in trying to get this bridge replaced. the reality simply is that we are in an area where, thanks to the president bringing attention to this, sending that wake-up call to congress, and now it's just a matter of getting boehner and mcconnell to do their job and find the money to fix this bridge. we need to have the will to get it done. we can't wait another 20 years. i'm so pleased at what the president is doing because he's right
kwitt of troy, michigan, 100 years old, married to his lovely wife, helen, for 75 years, and they are very happily married, how about that? david haransky of baltimore, maryland, right across the road here, 100 years old, and he used to write prescriptions at a drugstore right across from the white house, wrote prescriptions sometimes for franklin d., how about that? and lloyd pementil of salinas, california, 103, enjoys watching baseball and tennis on the big screen. how about that? that's all. back to new york. >> all right, willard, thank you very much. when we come back that young man right there, taylor lautner, will talk about his brand new movie and the final installment of the "twilight" saga. first this is "today" on nbc. >>> with the success in the "twilight" series taylor lautner is the highest paid teenage actor in hollywood. now the 19-year-old is starring in a new action movie called "abduction" playing a new england man not to get killed while on the run from cia and other unknown forces. take a look. >> this thing that casula wants so badly, what is it? >
to move an agenda toward solar panels. that is where i think there is a balance. the people of michigan enjoy fuel from almost every source, one of them being called. we have to recognize that is how to successfully manufacture the things you do in michigan. host: another tweet for you. guest: this is one of the things we have been investigating and are continuing to investigate. a number of my subcommittee chairman are regularly holding hearings. we are working with a commission, making sure this was created. you are absolutely right. we have not done a great job in afghanistan and iraq of keeping money from getting to the wrong people. in some cases, our committee has shown the money probably went to the people we are fighting, in other words our own enemies. we will stay on it. we will do it on a bipartisan basis. host: herman is an independent in california. guest: that is not fair. you are in my district. caller: i appreciate your non partisan views, and also your operations regarding oversight. i am going to add one more item to your plate. this item is regarding our giving away o
the ones used during power point presentations. joining me now, a professor at michigan state university. thank you, professor, for coming on to talk about this. i think we're all hoping this proves to work and save lives along the way. help us understand how these pulses from a laser can spot a roadside bomb and how it might be used on the battlefield? >> well, let me explain starting from if you can imagine a very short pulse that gives a kick to the molecules on a time scale that is shorter than the motion of the atoms, themselves, and that sets them off ringing and then a slightly longer pulse that is synchronized with this one records the ringing and the detector lets us know where the compounds are at the target where the laser has just hit. >> so you compare this to the same type of laser that can be used in a powerpoint presentation which a lot of us do. why now? why hasn't this been discovered and used before? it sounds pretty successful. >> well, i need to make sure that i give you the correct picture. the total amount of power that we're using is equivalent to that of a powerp
criticized during the 2008 presidential campaign when i had the audacity to tell michigan workers the truth, that many of the jobs that had left their state for cheaper labor markets overseas were never coming back. so i understand that trade can create difficulties for some american workers #-rbgs and i'm not opposed in principle to supporting those workers temporarily so they can develop new skills and find new jobs. that said, let's look closer at how the federal government has been going about programs like this. earlier this year, the g.a.o. released a study entitled "multiple training and employment programs providing information on colocating services and consolidating administrative structures could promote efficiency." here's what g.a.o. reported on federal employment and retraining programs, including trade adjustment assistance. and i quote: "based on our survey of agency officials, we determined that only five of the 47 programs have had impact studies that assess whether the program is responsible for improved employment outcomes. the five impact studies generally found that th
prarnlg the house is insisting we cut $1.5 billion, a program that's creating jobs in michigan and other parts of the country. so why are we destroying jobs when we don't have to? so, again, it must be the principle of, when things are going smoothly, when things are working, when the leadership is has actually agreed for the house republican leadership to just throw a wrench and really, really mess things up. thank goodness there are ten republican senators in this chamber that don't follow that principle. -- of throwing a wrench when things are going smoothly. they follow the principle of common sense and compassion and being forward-leaning when it comes to helping americans who need our help: senator blunt, senator rubio, senator snowe, senator collins, senator murkowski, senator brown from massachusetts, senator heller from nevada, senator hoeven from north dakota, senator toomey from pennsylvania, and senator vitter from louisiana, many of whom have experienced disasters in their state in the past and remember those terrible days or they're experiencing them now. and they said, we
: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from michigan rise? >> unanimous consent to address the body for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> as a former lieutenant commander in the united states navy reserve, i rise to applaud the repeal of the discriminatory "don't ask, don't tell" policy. this backward policy has turned away over 14,000 abled bodied men and women from our military while our nation is fighting two wars, mr. peters: it wasted over $1.3 billion taxpayer dollars through investigations, legal proceedings and wasted training for fighter pilots and translators. i'm proud to feel privilege to cast my vote to make this misguided policy a relic of the past. our military can now recruit and train qualified patriotic and courageous americans who want to serve our country regardless of their sexual orientation. curing my service in the united states neafer reserve, i served with many dedicated men and women who are always ready to serve their country. i was never concerned about their sexual
. >>> take a look at this car in michigan blown to pieces. authorities are saying this could be the work of a car bomb leaving one man and two minors seriously wounded. few details being released. this explosion reportedly happened late tuesday afternoon in the town of monroe, south of detroit. local police and federal agents are collecting evidence. no word on who could be responsible. >>> spoiler alert right now. we're about to tell you who got booted off the "dancing with the stars" last night. i think jerry springer on our set, he was on "dancing with the stars," but he's not going to spoil it for you. i am. >> brian: i thought you were talking about chaz bono. >> gretchen: in case you're wonderingering who that is, thas l.a. lakers star ron artest who changed his name to meta world peace. took his elimination like a champ and celebrated like he actually won. >> brian: he evidently did not know the rules and he showed it. in the end, he wanted 12 points when the maximum was exceeding the 12 points. he's gone on a show he didn't watch. >> eric: he won for the best costume. >> brian: o
in michigan and otherso parts of the country. so why are we destroying jobs b when we don't have to? when againin it must be the principle of when things are goingrk smoothly, when things are working, when the leadership is actually agreeing for the houser republican leadership to just throw a wrench in braley really mess things up. t thank goodnessen there are 10 ta republican senators in thisinci. chamber that don't follow that a principle of throwing a wrench when things are going smoothly. they follow the principle of common sense and compassion and eating forward-leaning when itmi comes to helping americans who need ourca help. senators blunt, senator rubio, senator snowe, senator collins, a, senr murkowski, senator browneat from nevada, senator hogan from north dakota, senator toomey from pennsylvania and senator vitter from louisiana. many of whom have experienced disasters in their state in the past and remember thosememb tere days or they are experiencing. them now.and they said, we don't follow the throw the ranch in the gears principle.le,"e' we are going to follow the let'g ge
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